Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Stove on Sunday: Decorated Cupcakes

Firstly, let me please express my deep annoyance at approximately three blog posts sat in my "draft zone" that are now completely inapplicable.  I haven't been able to keep up with my regular posts such as Movie Monday, Something for the Weekend and The Stove on Sunday recently, but I'm hoping that starting today, business as usual should resume!  So with all that said let's talk about cake...

...I love a good themed event, especially if the baked goods that accompany it take advantage of said theme.  If you've been a follower of the blog since the beginning you may recall my How to throw a FABULOUS party, McNally style: Under £200, in which Sex and the City themed cupcakes made by moi were featured here and Charlton Football Club cupcakes (that didn't quite turn out the way I wanted them to) here.  You will also probably recall my annual Halloween festivities showcasing these gruesomely green treats here.  See, I'm all about the theme.  Basically my sheer "themed cake" excitement always gets a little out of hand when you follow certain famous bakeries on facebook and twitter, especially when one store is particularly conveniently located a stones throw from your office.   

A cupcake, despite how tasty it may be, is nothing without some kind of awesome decoration.  It adds the fun factor and let's be honest we choose based on visual appeal.  So nothing has been more appealing to me of late than Wimbledon themed cupcakes!  It's finals day today and then alas it shall all be over, as well as these dreamy delights.  

If like me you'll be watching from the comfort of your home why not grab some of these from one of the Hummingbird Bakery London stores for £2.95 per cake.  Lola's are also producing some particularly apt versions, in the form of Pimms cupcakes.

What better way to bring a Wimbledon-esque atmosphere to your living room!

Just when I thought we couldn't be tempted further, both bakeries have now added July 4th themed cupcakes to their repertoire, available until tomorrow.

Hummingbird's Version

If, like me, you'd love to be able to create some eyecatching decorations then Hello Cupcake! needs to be a staple in your kitchen.  Everything from bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon tops to a Van Gogh, they have some truly kooky designs with simple to follow instructions.  My copy came from Urban Outfitters but you can also order it from Amazon at £6.34.

To keep up to date with Hummingbird and Lola's tasty treats follow them on facebook and twitter, all links below.  And here's a nice little 4th of July inspired How To...from the people that brought us Hello, Cupcake!

Hummingbird's Twitter and Facebook
Lola's Twitter and Facebook

*Images taken from Hummingbird Bakery's Facebook (link above), Lol'a Cupcakes Facebook (link above) and 
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  1. oh my goodness... PIMMS cupcakes!?!? don't think it could get any better :)
    a x Girl in the City Glasgow

  2. I love theme parties. All those cupcakes are adorable!

  3. so true- it can taste out of the world but if it looks like it's been sat on then no-one wants to know; looking forward to taking a special trip to the hummingbird this week! Great blog by the way :-)



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