Thursday, 14 October 2010

I'm one of those...

This is a panic post.  I repeat.  This is a panic post.

I really didn't want to have to be one of those people that abandon their blog and then the only posts they manage to make are ones apologising that they haven't posted in ages, every couple of months.  But alas, I am officially one of those bloggers. 

So....sorry I haven't posted in sometime.  I've been here.....

And working REALLY hard!

Until next time.....whenever that may be....

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hot 100

The other week I attended the Jewellers Hot 100 in association with Swarovski at Kensington Roof Gardens.  I have been dying to visit this venue for years, ever since an ex boy band member told me they had flamingo's there.  Alas there was not one pink feathered bird in sight.  Another guest claimed the flamingo's had been removed due to people trying to throw them over the roof-can somebody please confirm this?!

Despite my flamingo dreams being shattered I did adore the venue with its secret garden like outer areas, although I seemed to not venture far enough once viewing the pictures the following morning.

As you can see the peach tulle dream dress I blogged about here made a further appearance, therefore must be locked away until 2011 now!  I teamed it with a grey multi chain necklace which I received numerous fabulous coments about as per usual, with the little glint in my eye knowing I purchased it for 20p at a Sugar Magazine Fashion and Beauty sale at my old job.

I also ended up staying at my friend Jess's (the girl with the red hair in the photo above) hotel room which left me returning home a tad overdressed the following morning, only to be stared at and pretty much judged by every member on the tube and train.  Yes I had been a stop out but of the purest kind.  I promise.
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