Thursday, 16 February 2012

ASOS Fashion Finder and I

I attended TOWIB at the weekend and later found myself featured as a "Top Look" on ASOS Fashion Finder.  I'd never heard of the site before but from what I've gathered it's very similar to the likes of Chictopia etc.  It recently featured a takeover with one of my favourite blogging ladies as well, Audrey Leighton of Frassy, which boosted the sites credibility x1000 in my eyes.  If you're not a reader of her blog, scoot over their NOW.  You will fall in love.

ASOS Fashion Finder seems not to be just your standard look of the day site though, they even set out some similar items in order for those that liked my outfit to style steal and not just from their own shopping channel either.  If you're interested in recreating my look above then check out some of their suggestions here.

Not the most flattering of images but thanks for featuring me ASOS!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Valentine's message from Carrie Bradshaw

Put the chocolate down, step away and take a few moments to hear this special Valentine's message from the ever stylish Carrie Bradshaw.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whitney Houston

I remember sitting up to watch and record the below performance from Whitney Houston at the MTV Europe Music Awards.  A powerful woman with a powerful voice and a powerful sense of style.  I was already in love with Whitney and had been for many years but had I not been, this performance would have nailed it for me.  I have been singing her songs in the shower, on the way to work (yes that can get embarrassing when you're caught), in auditions and on the stage since I was little.  She is my go to artist.

I played this video over and over until the tape wore out and I wanted nothing more than to be sporting that awesome cropped hair cut with that indulgent purple shirt and that deep dark lipstick.  Whitney....sing mummy...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sunday Snow...

Just wanted to share this picture of me taken by my sister, on Sunday, whilst wandering to the shops in the recent UK snow we've had.  Love the 70's quality this has to it.

Stay warm! x

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