Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whitney Houston

I remember sitting up to watch and record the below performance from Whitney Houston at the MTV Europe Music Awards.  A powerful woman with a powerful voice and a powerful sense of style.  I was already in love with Whitney and had been for many years but had I not been, this performance would have nailed it for me.  I have been singing her songs in the shower, on the way to work (yes that can get embarrassing when you're caught), in auditions and on the stage since I was little.  She is my go to artist.

I played this video over and over until the tape wore out and I wanted nothing more than to be sporting that awesome cropped hair cut with that indulgent purple shirt and that deep dark lipstick.  Whitney....sing mummy...


  1. Whitney....a go to artist:) I know exactly what you mean! That is exactly how i would describe her :) x x

  2. RIP Whitney, she had such a gift <3


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