Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Welcome to Canada, Bienvenue au Canada...

Half my family is Canadian, I've spent some great times there and I totes wish I had the accent.  Not to be mistaken for an American accent, right cousin Erica?!  She may not recall but there was a fabulous moment at Penshurst Place when somebody asked her where in the States she was from, only for them to be greeted with "WE. ARE. NOT. AMERICAN." from a very perturbed and proud, young Canadian.  So for all those reasons I feel it's important that Canada Day get a little bit of lovin' on the blog this week.   Friday 1st July is the day in question and whether you're a Canadian living in the UK, or you just kind of want to join in the festivities read on...

London is staging Canada Day in Trafalgar Square from 10.30 am until about 10.30 pm.  For full information check out the official website here.  My activities of choice would be the Hockey matches taking place throughout the day but starting at 10.30am, the cooking demonstrations (I hope they create something typically Canadian, like Beavertails!) every hour between 11-3, as well as "Meet the Mounties" at 12.30 and 3.30 (my aunt was a Mounty but no she won't be in attendance).  I am however a little confused by the Canada Day Yoga, God knows what that entails. I have to admit though that above everything, my most desired activity for Friday, would be the eating and drinking, for anybody that knows me, this is not surprising.  Take your pick from Molson Canadian beer, Sleeman beer, my grandparents' favourite Tim Hortons coffee and donuts, Manousher bread, Mission Hill wine, Poutine or a Bison burger!

Sadly I shall be at work and have a prior commitment afterwards so I won't be donning my maple leaf and downing some donuts.  Looks like good fun though, so if you get a chance to pop on by, even just for a beer the atmosphere should be electric and you may even learn something.  Oh and if they do make beavertails, please have one and then let me know what you think.  I haven't had one since I was 7 but it brings back very good memories of wandering around Ottawa, family in tow...

Here's some Canadian themed humour that always gave me a little chuckle...

*Image taken from www.redbubble.com 


  1. I'm off to Toronto in three weeks and I cannot wait! Canada is lovely! x

  2. I've only been to Toronto once but it was fab. Having a meal in the CN Tower (I think that's what it's called) restaurant and having your picture taken lying down on the glass floor is a must. I also attended Chuckie Cheese but I think you may want to give that a miss, we're probably a tad too old now! If you want any recommendations you should tweet my cousin Erica @ejstuder as she's studying there at the moment!


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