Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hump Day Humour

So I posted this video as a little aside to THIS blog post on Sunday.  This was made over a year ago for a competition when I was desperately trying to make it in the Acting World.  I've done a hell of a lot of emotional roles in the past but I do love comedy and since posting this the other day, my creative juices have been flowing and I'm pretty sure this is going to turn into a series.  I'm not acting right now but I do miss it, so although they may come few and far between I'm going to try and get as many little sketches on camera that I can so that I can pay homage to what I really love to do.  If you've never seen the 1970 movie Love Story with Ali McGraw and Ryan O'Neal you may not quite appreciate my snow (grass) angels but I've posted a video at the bottom of this post that sums the movie up in a nutshell.

The dream, to be the next French and Saunders.  And, turn my mini series into Starbucks' new ad campaign.

Maybe Ellen Degeneres can make it happen.  If you wanted to be a doll you could retweet to help a girl out. 

Thanks x

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