Monday, 6 June 2011

Movie Monday: I Don't Know How She Does It Trailer

What does SJP, Gregg Kinnear, Kelsey Grammer, Jessica Szohr and Pierce Brosnan all have in common?  Seems they're all cast in upcoming movie I Don't Know How She Does It, based on the book by Allison Pearson, which my mum says is fab.

This movie looks a hoot and I already have September 16th penciled in my diary as the release date.  I'm not the most put together or organised of women (not a particularly shocking confession) but I have a lot going on all the time, even without children, so I can already totally relate to SJP's character Kate, as I'm sure a lot of you can.  Plus it's set in Boson for some of the part, my home away from home.  *Sighs*

No deep movie analysis, I'll save that for the release. Just watch and anticipate it's release.



  1. i never read this book...going to watch the trailer. love sjp!

  2. I haven't read the book either...thinking it might need to end up on my hit list before the release date!

  3. Oh this looks fab-I may get this book ready for my holiday read this Aug (although never sure whether to read the book first or watch the movie)? X


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