Monday, 4 July 2011

Movie Monday: Bridesmaids

I'm a little late to the bridal party with this one as I kind of vowed to myself never to do a Movie Monday on a mainstream film that's been at the cinema for a week or two already.  I'm breaking my vow for Bridesmaids though.  I figure it's still got a good life left in it, at the cinema and I enjoyed it so much I feel like it's my duty to ensure that you all go see it whilst you still can!

In short, Annie is in her 30's and quite frankly has nothing to show for it when bestfriend Lillian, who she believed to be almost as miserable as herself, suddenly announces her engagement. With this newfound reality Annie struggles to not only figure out how she'll fit into Lillian's life in the future but how she'll do so with new BFF Helen vying for Lillian's attention. It's juvenile, it's narcissistic, it's life.

One of the things that makes this film so endearing to me, on face value, is my shock at the practically "nobody" cast.  I don't think I've been living in a cave but the only faces I recognised were loveable Melissa McCarthy aka Sukie from the WB's Gilmore Girls, the late Jill Clayburgh or Ally McBeal's mum to you and of course the very ill placed Matt Lucas, more famously known for his "yeah but, no but" sketches from Little Britain.  None of these would particularly induce star struck status though if I were to meet them on the street.  Okay, okay so writer and lead Kristen Wiig is most famous for Saturday Night Live but we don't get that in the UK so I'm sticking to my original thought process:  Who are these women??? 

I also feel like jumping on a plane and planting a big wet kiss on Hollywood execs cheeks for the sheer genius idea of using women that resembled, well, women.  How refreshing for me to be eyeing up Kristen's crepey skin the entire movie rather than staring longingly at Jennifer Aniston's near perfect complexion, wondering how at the age of 42 she looks better than me, age 26.  Or my disbelief at Lillian being the bride we're all supposedly there to longingly wish we had her life, squidgy round the edges, not vaguely attractive groom and all.  Even uber glam Helen wasn't too perfectly polished. 

 Did I lust over the fashion? 

Did I turn green with envy for their figures?

Did I go to see the standard shallow, not particularly amusing, oh the mess of a girl ends up turning into the most successful woman ever in the end, film?

I went to see Bridesmaids.  The film that throws together six women of all shapes, sizes and personalities all struggling to lead a particular life that the unrealistic realms of Hollywood enforce on all of us and they are failing. Just. Like. Us.  The big car wreck of the film is, of course Annie (Kristen Wiig) but she's not the only one, each of these women are pushing themselves to be a certain way and lead a certain life.  We watch them try and define themselves with great difficulty and hilarious consequences.  This isn't just a chuckle occasionally movie, I was literally doubled over for most of the 125 minutes.  It is snort through your nose funny.  Don't believe me?

But of course the fact that these are real women, teamed with real flawed lives hits home with the most crucial reason for this films success.  It's real relateable.  I may not be in my 30's but I sure as hell feel like I'm the woman trailing behind all my friends, so it was only apt that I went to see this with one of my best friends, that I too quite shockingly received news of her engagement when least expecting.  I don't know what I was thinking but I'm pretty sure it was along the lines of "she wouldn't dare live happily ever after until I have!"

Tune In...
If you're sick of seeing pretty, thin, Goddesses juggle successful careers and undesirable boyfriends only for said undesirable's to suddenly declare that the Goddesses are "the one"

Tune Out...
If you're living in a dream world and think that SATC2 was realistic.

Team with...
The girl your about to lose to another man and tequila.  Lots and lots of tequila.
Bridesmaids is in cinema's Nationwide


  1. that is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time... i loved it!

  2. arr I've been meaning to see this for forever!

    Helen, X


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