Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Most of us appreciate the finer things in life.  However, with their hefty price tag, the finer things, are usually more aspirational than affordable.  So, any news of a sale of luxe products is very well received in my books and of course I travelled immediately to said sale to check out what damage I could cause and by extension, could persuade you to cause.  The good news for both my and your bank manager is I want you to obtain the most bang for your buck.  Therefore here's my beauty investment list from the Space NK sale

It's the Summer Holiday Season so instead of decantering all your lotions and potions into obnoxiously small pots from Boots, why don't you do away with all the kerfuffle and simply splash out, or as I like to think of it, merely spray lightly from dipping your big toe in the water, with this Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Bath and Body Trio...

Travelling in style has never been easier or cheaper, down to £15 from £29.  The set includes soothing honey bath for that indulgent soak after a long day in the blistering sun, an exfoliating scrub to buffer up your skin to ensure you're beach body beautiful, followed by the souffle body creme to levae you looking radiantly refreshed.

They also have their Sugar Cookie Candle.  I'm not sure if I want to light this or eat it.  Scented candles are big in my household especially if it involves a baked goods scent.  Light it, whilst cosying up in bed with coffee and a movie or accessorise your bathroom with them, down from £44 to £20 I think you should buy 2, after all, it would be like buy one get one free!

Next up is both the Zelens day and night cream at just £35 each!  This is by far the most bargain busting product in the Space NK Sale, with the day cream originally retailing at £135 and the night cream at £169.  The range promises to provide "24-hour treatment to fight premature ageing and environmental hazards. The formulations contain a complex of 20 natural active ingredients (including 14 powerful antioxidants) and an exclusive blend of moisturizers that help to improve the smoothness and texture of the skin."

Is more formally entitled Cellular DNA Protection day cream which in itself sounds super fancy and makes me think it's even reducing my age by the minute before I've even clicked "add to basket".

Has an equally impressive name, Cellular Reconstruction.  Blink and potentially you could be 13 again.  At such a small price to pay, trying out a new product isn't particularly worry inducing.

Finally Feijoa Lime Butter by Mor has been reduced from £24.50 to just £10.  A perfect summer fragrance if ever there was one, an indulgent zest scent, packaged beautifully.  Gift anyone?  Well you could but at this price you'd be silly not to sneak one into your basket for yourself as well.

The best news yet, is that if you bought one of each of the items listed above then all you're spending is £115.  That price for 5 products from Space NK is a feat in itself.  Bank managers rejoice everywhere!


  1. I ordered both the day cream and night cream for £15 each, thinking that was an absolute bargain, but the pots were not the 50ml advertised they were 10ml and 15ml... I feel conned.

  2. Yeah, that was a different deal in comparison to the one I first blogged about. I too saw that the other day and was just about to click purchase when I read that they were 10ml's instead of the original sized pots they were selling in the sale.


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