Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bastille Day Beauty

Bonjour!  In celebration of Bastille Day I thought I would regale you with some French beauty products that are adorning my dressing table currently.

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream-Available Here
This eye cream was featured in a video by Ruth of amodelrecommends just when I was about to search high and low for a new eye cream.  I've tried a few and none have really "done it" for me.  After going on what can only be described as a Caudalie goose chase (which included breaking something on the Sisley counter, very loudly...*blush*), only to end up where I began, I finally grasped my hands on this small but perfectly formed product.  From the first moments it graced my under eye area I noticed a difference.  Softer, brighter and visibly reducing my laughter line indentations can only mean one thing....REPURCHASE.  It retails at £49, which for 15ml's does mean I almost choked on my croissant too.  However, I can confidently tell you that since purchasing towards the end of April, using both day and night, it's still pumping today on the 14th of  July.  You may drop a healthy sum of money on it but you are paying for longevity as well as quality, you'll be pleased to note. 

Bioderma Creoline H20 Cleansing Solution-Available Here
If you're a beauty maven you'll have heard of or used this product before.  I've read a lot about it and seen it in action on youtube video's and so am at a complete loss as to why it is not more readily available in the UK.  On my recent trip to Marbella I stumbled across a bottle of it in a pharmacy there and didn't even blink at spending 17 Euro's on it.  I now realise I was ridiculously stupid as actually the 500ml bottle usually retails at about 9 Euro's and actually I'd only bought 250ml's worth.  Doh!  Besides my being robbed I cannot fault this product at all.  It's texture is like nothing more than a water, yet it doesn't dry out your skin, can tackle the toughest make-up and leaves you feeling refreshed and clean along with it being perfect for sensitive skin.  I'm down to the last dregs and have done a little rooting around to discover that it is available from the link above for £8.91.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk-Available Here
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo.  I love the effect it has on my hair and I hate the effect it has on my hair.  Common complaints with the dry shampoo is that it can be a killer for sensitive scalps and can often leave a powdery trail straight from your head to your clothes if you're a hair flicker like myself.  My least favourite dry shampoo to date is Batiste and my favourite has been the Lee Stafford one, which I've been sporting for some many months now.  My latest discovery is Klorane's with oat milk, which I purchased from an independent pharmacy in Holland Park, you know the kind that oozes sophistication, so it must be good right?  Firstly it does what it says on the bottle, it's gentle on the scalp, no complaints there.  It cleans the hair giving just enough volume but not too much to suggest you could give Cheryl Cole or an ex Dallas star a run for their money.  Finally the fragrance is truly delicate and pretty, meaning it actually smells like you washed your hair rather than that bottled, contrived smell so many of these products have.  If wearing black and you like to run through your hair constantly in a model like fashion then be warned there is a little dusty residue but I could also be using a little too much product.  It retails at either £2.98 for 50ml's or £7.20 for 150ml's.  Yes the smaller version is more handbag friendly but I actually love the larger bottle for the dressing table.  I suggest you buy both.
Are there any French beauty products you've been coveting of late? 


  1. i wish i could purchase some french beauty products! i agree with Bianca...Chanel! :)


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