Saturday, 8 June 2013

NYC: Cocktail Crushin' | The Wayland

The Wayland, a quirky bar in Alphabet City actually has a very Brooklyn vibe to me and I'm sure it wouldn't be out of place on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg.  But, down on the corner of East 9th and Ave C, sitting silently and unobtrusively is this watering hole.  The simple exterior, with little indication as to what's inside apart from a paper sign letting you know it's cash only, is the perfect cover for what is actually a rustic, candlelit, cosy and atmospheric drinking haven.  You'll often see co-owner Jason Mendenhall behind the bar and if he's the one making your drink, all the better!

I began crushin' on The Wayland's menu from the get go but there was one drink in particular that was love at first sip.  The Indian Summer.  Pine-smoked gin, lime, simple syrup, pear cider and sage.  Garnished with what I can only assume is curried salt.  Infused with indian spices, including fresh cilantro (corriander to us Brits) resting in the glass, the heat is undercut by the refreshing flavours that stand in unison.  It is simply divine.

An honourable mention should also go out to the I Hear Banjo's - Encore.  This whiskey drink appears with a glass of applewood smoke rested on top.  After it's sat for a while place the top glass to your nose and mouth to inhale, and then follow by sipping the whiskey from the other glass.  It's like drinking a winters day in a log cabin.

To nibble alongside, you should order the Pernil Romero baguette, which is utterly mouthwatering and will have you begging for more.  If pulled pork is your thang then you should check out my pizza recreation of this beauty too.
The Indian Summer
I Hear Banjo's - Encore
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  1. Ooo I will definitely make a point of checking out The Wayland the next time I'm in NYC! It looks like it has the nice neighborhood vibe that I love.
    ANNND the Indian Summer looks delicious! I might have to try to make some tonight!


    PS: Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! It means a lot to me!

  2. wuuuuaa it looks pretty amazing! hope to be in NY soon again and then we will definitely check it out:) thanks for that tip honey!
    lots and lots of love from switzerland!

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