Tuesday, 4 June 2013

LDN: Hermes Festival des Metiers | Saatchi Gallery

Run your hand across the luxurious leather of the birkin bag, watch as a glimmer of a diamond is set amongst a heavy gold stud, dust your fingers delicately along a rail of printed silk scarfs.  Hermes Festival des Metiers, recently showing at the Saatchi Gallery for just one week, transported you to their work space in Lyons and gave you the opportunity to learn first hand just how magnificently everything is made. 

A sensory exhibition that offered demonstrations, encouraged questions and allowed you to touch that forbidden fashion fruit, did not disappoint.  The travelling workshop meant that every style diva, whether financially well-endowed or not, got the chance to weigh-in on one of the most iconic and aspirational brands in the World.
There was even an hour long tutorial on printing one of their infamous silk scarfs.  This, for me, was the most phenomenal demonstration, as the artist went on to explain that what they were showing us in an hour actually takes two years to create just the one.  This includes making the silk scarf itself, not just printing.  He also went on to explain that the average Hermes scarf uses 27 colours, today they were only using 11 for this particular design they were printing but that was very unusual.  The most intricate design uses 46 colours.  Incredible.

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