Friday, 21 June 2013

Luxury Investment | 7 Reasons I HEART Our Hot Tub

1.  It's the only sleep drug you'll ever need.  Forget ambien all you New Yorkers.

2.  Saying that, it's also the best way to start your day.  Invigorating.

3.  When we've had the sunny weather like we have had in the UK recently, it kind of resembles having your own pool.  Without the swimming.

4.  But throw in a dusting of snow and your christmas lights and you're in your ski-in ski-out chalet hot tub in St Moritz.

5.  It's the most effortless entertainment EVER.  Future Channel 4 Come Dine With Me contestants take note.

6.  A daily free massage without having to find a boyfriend.  Sign me up!

7.  It's the perfect accompaniment to a grapefruit margherita.  Tried and tested.

Happy Friday Y'all - You'll be able to find me, as above!

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