Friday, 7 June 2013

Happy Friday Y'all | Girls Just Gotta Have Fun

At just 10 years old, Essex born Sophia Grace has more swag in her little finger than I have in the entire of myself, 18 years her senior.  This girls tune, Girls Just Gotta Have Fun, to coin a phrase, is "Dope.  Mega Dope."  And it's the perfect fun feature for a Friday on To ELLE and Back.  Plus she smashes a cream pie in some boys face around 3:22, and who doesn't have a list of guys they'd like to do that to?!

Props to our girl, Sophie Grace, for this smile inducing, sick video and beat that's sure to get us all ready for a sunny weekend in both LDN and NYC.

Now excuse me, I've got my shades and a pink tutu to find, Sophia style.


  1. omg i love SG & rosie when they are on ellen.. I always look forward to seeing their clips!


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