Wednesday, 5 June 2013


London in comparison to NYC falls fairly short on the pizza front.  So I decided to create a pizza, at home in the UK, that incorporated some of my favourite food experiences of NYC.  Enter my pizza blanco with pulled pork!

My topping choice was based on one of my most loved meals at The Wayland in Alphabet City.  Their Pernil Romero baguette is to die for and I have been dreaming of taking just one more bite ever since I've been back in the UK.  

You Will Need:
Pork (suitable for slow roasting)
Fresh Rosemary
Fennel Seeds
Olive Oil
Black Pepper
1 Red Onion
Balsamic Vinegar
Brown Sugar
1 Tub of Creme Fraiche
Cheddar Cheese
A Kick Ass Dough Recipe - I use this Jamie Oliver recipe

1.  Crush the fresh rosemary, fennel seeds, garlic and black pepper in a pestle and mortar.  

2.  Mix the crushed concoction with olive oil, until it looks enough to marinate the pork in.  If      
     you feel like the olive oil is outweighing the hard ingredients then don't be afraid to crush 
     some more and add. 

3.  Place the pork in some foil, make some incisions with a knife all over and smother it in the   
     sauce you've created.

4.  It should stand for at least an hour but if you have the chance then overnight would be 

5.  Wrap the foil up as if the pork is in a parcel and place on the barbecue (we use a pizza 
      stone on the barbecue, hence my decision to cook the pork on here too.)  This should
      cook for 2-3 
hours dependent on the size of the pork, but you'll be able to tell it's done if
      it's soft and pulling away easy.  Throughout the cooking process be sure to check the pork
      and if it seems to be drying out be sure to top up with some extra marinade to ensure the
      pork is moist.

6.   When the pork is done let it rest whilst you top your pizza.

7.   Once your dough is ready and rolled, slather the base with a thin layer of creme fraiche.

8.   Grate enough cheddar over the creme fraiche until it's covered.

9.   Add four dollops of creme fraiche across the pizza.

10. Slice the red onion and add a couple of small spoonfuls of butter, add to frying pan or
       simply cook in a bowl in the microwave.  Once the onions have softened toss in some
       balsamic vinegar.  Cook a little longer before adding some brown sugar to sweeten and

11. Add mounds of the caramelised onions to the pizza.

12. Shred the pork with your hands and add to the pizza also.

13. Finally add some black pepper to season and place on your pizza stone for the barbecue
      or in your oven at 250c for about 15 mins.

This was the first time I've made a white pizza and everything was a total experiment.  I'm also one for kind of tossing in a bit of this and that so sorry that there aren't any set in stone measurements of anything, just trust your gut!

Commiserations to my father also.  This was part of a pizza cook-off with him, in which even my mothers trusty fave that he made couldn't compete with the Wayland NYC inspired pizza blanco with pulled pork.

In addition, my favourite NYC pizza joint was Artichoke Basille's Pizza, so if you get the chance stop on by.

Meanwhile, if I'm selling London short, please do let me know what amazing pizza places are about that I've been missing!


  1. Louisa, I LOVE THIS! I'm so proud of you! I totally want to make this. I still want to do do a homemade pizza cook-off with you! xoxo


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