Sunday, 7 August 2011

Things to come on To Elle and Back...

The above picture is me Friday night, my last night on holiday.  I look burnt, I assure you I am not.  I also look startled and as if I have had cheek implants whilst away, again both untrue.  Some of my pictures have been a little, well...crap, of late due to a loss of camera totalling in three months, hence many a camera phone image.  Camera was retrieved from behind sister's cushions on her chair in her room the day before departure, she still persists it was hiding from my messy room.  Camera takes further sabbatical on day 2 of holiday in Chamonix, our stopover, on way to Tuscany.  Camera has lots of pictures for blog.  Camera will not return from it's vacation until next Sunday night.  Parent's camera worked as replacement and has even more pictures for blog.  Parent's camera will also not return until next Sunday night.  So you see my dilemma. 

I had taken cables and everything with me to blog my way through France and Tuscany so you can imagine my annoyance at such a quick departure of the actual camera.  It was more than annoyance actually, it was full on sobs and child fit in the back of the car as we sat in awful traffic to get through tunnel to Italy.  Father says traffic was worse than last year and made increasingly more aggravating by my "wobbly" BUT that it also made the time go super fast. 

Anyway, lots of posts to come as had most fantastic week and want to share every detail with you.  Expect posts on, most notably, food.  Food from restaurants, food I've never tried before, food I've had a million times before but was more fantastic whilst away, food we made ourselves.  Most exciting and unusual post will be on stuffed courgette flowers.  See, exciting.

Expect posts on unusual beauty treatments, local beauty products and due to line of thinking whilst away have found new interest in trying to create some kind of homemade skincare product with Olive Oil, all recipes on a comment below please!

Finally, expect a full and glowing review of Tuscan Tennis Holidays, who were so super duper that me, girl who has not played tennis in 10 years, wants to play again and I didn't even partake in the coaching.  I'd also like you to note it isn't just because I saw no.73 in the World train on the next court with his shirt off either.

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