Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Chamonix in Pictures

I visited Tuscany a few weeks back and it was B-Utiful!  The food, the weather, the scenery, the men.  Instead of flying we drove which was an adventure in itself and took just two days from my village in Kent, England.  Isn't that amazing?  We stayed in Chamonix, in France, as our nights stop over and it was simply fantastic.  Chamonix is primarily known for it's ski season but even in July it was pretty and had a lovely atmosphere.  As promised, as soon as I got my camera back I wanted to share my holiday photo's with you and some of the lovely things I tried, different beauty products, activities and a review of Tuscan Tennis Holidays.  These will all be spanned over a couple of posts and to start them off here is Chamonix in Pictures...

We stayed in Hotel Faucigny, which was very central.  Quite a basic hotel but still homely and had my favourite wood burning stove smell that reminds me of Christmas.  I loved the wooden carved Christmas Tree artwork outside the hotel too, although was quite odd to be looking at it in July.  The old fashioned ski poster was one of the off beat pieces in the breakfast room.  The service in the hotel was fantastic too.  As you all know I left my camera there.  That's right Ladies and Gentleman, I lost my camera on the second day.  We only realised as we were going through the Mont Blanc tunnel.  I wasn't heading back there as I was only staying a week in Tuscany but my parents would be staying there again on the way back and after notifying them that we had left a camera there, they not only made sure it was kept safe but they also had it waiting in my parents room on their return.

Looking at this picture now, I still can't get over the view.  I love the idea of being able to see snow on the mountains in the middle of summer.

These were some shop signs.  I was blown away by the attention to detail, the fact that they were hand painted and all round delicate beauty of these.  I can't imagine seeing anything like this anywhere else other than France, Switzerland or Austria.

Presentation is so important here and it really showed in every store.  My local bakers wouldn't look anything like this, although some London ones would make this kind of effort I suppose.

Local produce was abundant at the market.  I lingered at this stall for quite some time.  The honey and lavender soap caught my eye and I found the thought of buying French soap from your local market quite romantic.

This was a store dedicated to fragrance.  The presentation of the candles on the right was outstanding.  I would have loved some of these for our house but unfortunately the shop was closed.  I think the yellow sun one was my favourite.  The picture on the right I think is an odd and far more attractive type of pot pourri but don't quote me on that!

Every time you looked up you would spot these paragliders.

Sundays food post will be focusing on all the food we sampled whilst in Chamonix, including a few bits we've tried to make ourselves since.  Considering we were only there one night we got through a awful lot of cheese, I can tell you that much!

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Ive never been as im not a skier but it looks lovely!


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