Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Comprehensive Guide to Victoria's Secret

The web has been alight with the exciting news that Victoria's Secret will be hitting the London streets in 2012. This information wasn't particularly surprising to me as I saw an article in 2009 stating that they planned to open in the Summer of 2012.  My first thought was "what's taken them so long?" but I guess there has been several examples of successful American businesses not working in the UK.  Bath and Body Works, who are owned by the same company, for example, lived here for a brief euphoric time and then quietly descended back on the US.  So I can imagine they wanted to feel entirely certain that they could begin a growing business here.  I'm actually in two minds about their launch next year.  Part of me is absolutely thrilled that they will be more readily available and then the other part of me is a little bit elitist at the thought that everyone will be able to breeze into the store and pick up clothing, beauty products etc, that up until now not many of us have our hands on.

I first purchased from Victoria's Secret in 2004 and since then I have built up quite a vast collection of pyjamas, beauty products, clothing and home goods, whether it be from trips to the States, gifts or from purchasing online.  Funnily enough the only thing I don't own from Victoria's Secret is underwear, which I find rather amusing being that it is primarily known for that.  That all said I consider myself to be somewhat of a Victoria's Secret expert, read obsessive, so here are some of my trusty favourites and what the UK can expect from this iconic American brand next year...

I fell in love with the Strawberry and Champagne Shampoo and Conditioner back when I lived in Massachusetts in 2005.  Unfortunately they discontinued those soon after and word on the street from my Aunt who lives in NY is that on her last visit to the store she was told the whole line is now discontinuing.  I will live in hope that this is not true but at the moment you can still purchase these online at 5 for $30 or in UK airports.  I love the fragrance and will be sad to see it go, if it does.

I try and stock up on the Bath and Body Works versions when I'm in the States but you can't buy them online so I've been getting the VS ones in Pure Seduction.  Gives you a fresh, fun and clean scent, the ones we have in the UK are so boring and medicinal!  These are $3.50 or 3 for $6 online but again they are available in some UK airports.

I got one of these lipglosses free with a purchase in NY a couple of years ago and recently re-purchased at Stansted Airport.  I forget what the shade was called but it's a light pink and has a banana like scent to it.  The smell took a while to grow on me but it was worth it for the shade.  It's been my go-to lipgloss this summer and has lasted me since May.  Great flawless gloss with a nice colour pay-off. $7 or 2 for $12, or 4 for $20 online.

I got a VS blanket as a Christmas gift a few years ago and I love it, albeit it's very loud!  Whilst browsing I thought these pillows were also pretty cute.  Perfect for University students. The blanket is $34.50 and the pillowcase set, which includes 2 cases is $19.50.

I'm still yet to own a pair of VS Pink sweatpants but the VS Pink range is incredibly popular and whilst studying in the States the college was a sea of these.  You were nobody unless you had PINK stamped on your ass!  Great again for any up and coming University go-ers but also fab for slouching around the house in.  These are $44.50 and you can also get matching hoodies too.

I'm a Red Sox fan so this VS baseball attire is a hoot. Hoodie is $39.99 and the crop top is $26.50.  

They also do great sleepwear but nothing caught my eye to show you guys on this occasion.  I have numerous nighties, pyjamas, slippers and even the limited edition VS PINK Victoria Secret Show 2010 dressing gown.  As you can see from most of the prices as well, they're great at constantly having offers on which always makes you feel like you're making a steal.

All of the items are available at www.victoriassecret.com and some of the beauty range is also available at selected UK airports until next year when they open on Bond Street.

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