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Sephora's Instant Moisture Mask

Skincare products tend to fall into one of two categories with me.  Either super good stuff that I've taken a great deal of care with selecting and promises to keep my skin youthful (some of you may know I have an obsession with ageing).  Or totally and utterly quirky and bizarrely fantastic.  The product I'm about to tell you about actually falls into both categories.  When perusing Sephora in France, back in April, I decided that I would only purchase something that I couldn't get in the UK, as otherwise I was paying a similar price, if not more, for standard goods that I could get from Selfridges.  I came across the Instant Moisture Mask and I'm not going to lie, the initial purchase was based on it looking like this...

Skincare in a smoothie flask!  How cool is that?! 

Once I got over the initial excitement I actually came to learn that it looked like a pretty reputable product too.

This fun flask contains four sachets of powder which should be used once a week across a four week period.  After doing this for the first application I discovered that actually it created way too much product.  In fact I did my face, neck and hands, along with my sisters and my mothers and there was still some left over.  You should also note that we did apply quite substantially too, so honestly one sachet is way too much for one application.  It says not to store the product and the same goes for the powder either but I have been using less powder each application and folding the end over on the sachet and keeping it shut in the flask until Sunday appears again.  I haven't died yet and seems to be business as usual after using the product so I think you're safe to assume that actually you can get two months worth of use out of this, a total of eight applications.

There is a black line quite low down on the side of the flask, which you should fill water to.  Only fill it to that line if you intend to use the whole sachet though, otherwise fill it halfway to the mark.  Add half or all of the sachet, depending on your requirements.  Place the lid back on the flask and begin to shake vigorously.  FYI this is like an insane workout for your arm.  Basically you have to shake until the product no longer makes a sound.  The powder reacts with the water to create, guess what, a smoothie like consistency.  This takes about 4 minutes I'd say.  You are recommended to apply the mixture to your face, neck and back of your hands and leave for 5-10 minutes.

The mask looks like a clear gel and has a really nice aftershave-esque scent to it which I love but I guess may not be for everybody.  It's cooling on the skin and feels incredibly refreshing.  The aim is to intensively hydrate the skin, offering it a boost when it's looking and feeling a little dull.  It considers itself to be suitable for sensitive skin due to it not using parabens or preservatives and the act of you creating the product yourself means that, and I quote "active ingredients are preserved and the formula is more effective".

I really rate this mask a, because it does exactly what it says on the tin.  I found that my skin did look smoother, more rested and glowing and b, because what cool packaging!

I trialled this every week as recommended and ditched my mid week mask that I would usually do as well to see if the results carried me through the week, which they pretty much did.  I also decided not to use this as part of my DIY Facial routine I do on some Sundays and instead used it alone across the month so I could really gauge the results.  

According to the website it's Limited Edition, I hope they get a good response from it and decide to implement it as a regular product as I've already re-purchased and hope to purchase again next time I'm abroad.

Instant Moisture Mask is available from Sephora for $15 or 8 Euro's 90(where the hell is the euro sign on my keyboard?!)

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