Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Stove on Sunday: Caramelised Onions

I'm sat here eating cold pizza that I created last night.  It really is so simple to do and not at all time consuming and it honestly packs a punch on the taste buds.  Move over Pizza Express.  I've done a post on how to make your own pizza here (you need to scroll down to the Non-New Yorker Weekend section for the recipe) but last night I topped it with smoked cheese and caramelised onions.  Last time I made caramelised onions they were rock hard and not particularly appetising along with being an absolute bitch to get off the bottom of my mum's pan.  Oops!   But I totally nailed it last night and again it was so simple.  I have no idea how I managed to screw it up the first time. 

Whilst my pizza was cooking I melted some butter in a hot pan and added chopped onions to soften.  Once softened I literally just poured a healthy amount of brown sugar, straight from the packet and continued to cook on a slightly lower heat.  Once the onions were really soft, I added the final ingredient, balsamic vinegar and continued to cook until they looked soft and syrupy.  I then distributed them across the pizza once it had finished cooking.

No pictures unfortunately because my camera is still being held hostage in France, although it will be back later today.  I just felt like I needed to tell you how simple it is to make one of my favourite pizza toppings!  My parents are requiring a snack later for when they return and I have a sneaky feeling I may be recreating this.

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