Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Style Passport

If it had escaped your attention I go on holiday this week. So of course chaos ensues. It's human nature to purchase a whole new set of beauty products despite the fact you may very well own pretty much everything you need already. Of course there's also the new swimwear, sandals, day dresses, evening dresses, sunglasses...the list is, quite frankly, endless. In fact I am currently composing a still need/to do list in my head as I place these words on this screen. FYI it's a very jumbled list.  I spent a good deal of my Saturday afternoon wandering around Boots aimlessly trying to figure out if spf 15 cocoa butter was technically the same as sunscreen and "which aisle is the travel toothpaste for heavens sake."

In truth, I have no idea what I'm doing.
I still have a burlesque outfit to organise (don't ask)...oh dear, too late to order a corset on line now...I do have those gold sequin knickers though...what on top...hmm...I really don't want to dress up...maybe I'll be able to fashion something out of...something, tonight?  Too late?...I digress but you get the picture.
Fear not though my friends, Style Passport to the rescue. Not my rescue unfortunately.  I'm so disorganised with my disorganisation that I couldn't even get my last minute self, to get my act together enough, to take advantage of this glorious website but there's still hope for the rest of you.
I first came across Style Passport in Stylist Magazine a few weeks back when the CEO, Sarah Walter (who has a wealth of fashion experience ranging from Vogue to New Look) was featured in an article. The site has only been live for a month or two but is an absolute maven for what every disorganised diva needs for her holidays. The handpicked products range from high street to designer prices, most being at the higher end of the spectrum but a lot of the products are their "favourite and most trusted pieces", which means you're not taking a gamble on trying something new!

 It's not just the carefully selected products that makes it a travel go-to though, it's the hassle-free and fool-proof way you can shop for these products.  Forget compiling neverending lists and creating outlandish "what if" scenario's in your head.  Style Passport figures all this nonsense out for you with one simple tab. Shop. By. Destination. 

City.  Staycation.  Spa.  Festival.  Beach.

So I saunter over to Beach, in which I am greeted with the following...

I don't own any of these products and most likely need all of them, only highlighting I shouldn't be left to my own travel shopping devices.  Flick through the pages and you'll find everything from the most stunning bikini's to the most appropriate shade nail polish for a tan.  My favourite page was Hippie Chic.

No beach pebble is left unturned on this site, even down to the journey itself.  I never think about the journey.

I found some really cool pieces that I would have loved to have ordered in time that will definitely be re-visited for my trip to Tuscany.  They will also probably be featured on my "things I wish I'd known about/purchased in time" blog post, some time after my return.  Check out Style Passport here to relieve all your travel woes and check them out on twitter @style_passport for helpful hints, as well as being able to chat to the team live on Skype re any of your holiday/product questions.  There's no hope left for me but with one click of a mouse you can be packed and ready way in advance!

*Images taken from http://www.style-passport.com/

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  1. I love style passport!
    Have a lovely trip!


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