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The Stove on Sunday: Dukan Pancakes

So I haven't posted in a long time.  Like 5 months long.  Which is bad and doesn't really scream credible blogger that loves to write but even though I haven't physically posted I have been creating posts in my head for some time and I still keep up to date with all my fave blogs that I adore to read.  Spiritually I have still been a part of the blogging World.  I do love to write and I have really missed this thing which is why finally I've sat myself in our dining room at this very computer and began to compose this post.  I can't promise I won't fall off the radar again but I'm hoping that it won't be the case.  I actually really enjoy these moments of solitude whilst I gather my thoughts and ideas.  I get a buzz from experiencing or seeing things and immediately declaring in my head that "they shall be a part of this blog post with this title and I'm going to say this about it" but unfortunately of late (these past 5 months) that is as far as my blogging process has ever gotten.  My absence has been both due to my busy life and laziness.  The laziness is actually what follows my hectic schedule.  I work a full time job, with a long enough commute ( who doesn't I hear you scream) and then teach on a Saturday.  Both take up an enormous amount of my time and then with trying to fit a social life and some moments to just crash in, by the time I even have the opportunity to sit here and post, I just want to sleep.  I also have giveaway prizes that have never been sent from December which just makes me feel evil, rude and a fraud.  Another reason that I attribute my lack of posting to, sheer embarrassment.  Those that won shall expect an email from me today just checking addresses in case anyones circumstances have changed and they shall also get an extra something as my means of apology/bribe!

On that note I wanted to start my reunion with what I hope will become a regular post The Stove on Sunday.  I can't really define a genre for my blog as I am a mish mash of lots of different things which is why my interests are so varied and therefore there is no strong link between any of my posts.  I'm not a beauty blog, a fashion blog or a food blog.  I'm all of those things.  I'm also a movie, book and restaurant reviewer, a dweller on memories and someone that generally likes to regale people with moments from my life, hunourous or otherwise.  And so I begin...(again!)...

I'm headed to Marbella in under two weeks, which horrifies me as I type this as I really haven't prepared myself.  One thing I have made sure I've organised by the 26th however, is my diet.  I don't really need to lose weight, in fact most people look at me like I'm a crazy person when I say I'm on one and that I've lost half a stone (7lbs) BUT I have been eating way more than necessary of late, especially cakes, biscuits and chocolate, at work and there have been a nice ring of rolls that have formed around my waist line.  Ones that I have been perfectly happy to keep under wraps, until now.  The recent series of The Only Way is Essex has also helped spurr me on.  I by no means wish to look like any of the girls on that show, it's just not my style but I do know that there will be a lot of girls that do look like them by the pool on my upcoming trip (including possibly them) and I know that I have to feel confident and comfortable in my own body, especially if there are going to be these perfectly coiffed beauties around to compare myself to.  My mum has been on the Dukan Diet for some time now and lost about 2 stone and the whole hype of this new-found fat buster has been extra relevant due to it supposedly being the diet of choice by the Middletons before the Royal Wedding

So in true TOWIE style I decided to take on their much beloved phrase of "No carbs before Marbs" and embrace the Dukan, at least for a little while.  I'm really pleased with the diet and the results so far and I really don't feel like I've been too deprived.  Feeling like I'm missing out on my favourite foods is a big no no for me!  One of the things that has kept me going is my mum and the fact that she knows all these little sources for finding low in fat and low in carb ways to create food that isn't too far off the mark of what you would eat in your normal day to day life.  Which brings me to the matter in hand...pancakes with cinnamon butter.  How could these possibly be low in fat and good for you?  Because it's the Dukan way.

I think these are lovely and you don't need to be on the Dukan diet to enjoy them.  When it comes down to it we all love indulgent things but if anyone is watching the pounds or generally feels horrifically bloated after such a treat then this is the best way to combat those issues without compromising on flavour.

You Will Need
1 egg
Oat bran
Less than 2% fat natural yoghurt (check sugars as well, they should be under 6g)
Less than 5% fat cream cheese (same rules apply, it should really be less than 2% but thats virtually impossible with cream cheese unless you make it yourself)

1.  Put the frying pan on a high heat with just a drop of oil so as not to burn the pancakes.

2.  Mix the egg, a tablespoon and a half of oat bran and a tablespoon of the yoghurt together.  This will create the batter.

3.  Mix a tablespoon of the cream cheese with your desired amount of cinnamon and a sprinkling of sweetener in a seperate bowl.

4. When the pan is steaming hot pour in the batter mix to create a small fat scotch pancake style size and cook until brown on both sides (they will be slightly softer than your average pancakes).

5.  Serve the pancakes hot with a dollop of the cinnamon butter on top which should warm also and begin to melt a little.

Simples.  The ingredients make two pancakes and if you're on the Dukan diet is the most you should have of anything like this for the day.  This breakfast really hits the spot though without making me feel like an absolute heffer, as pancakes so often do with me!

I teamed this with the very last of my favourite french vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts (sob!) and old episodes of Dawson's Creek.  A blissful start to any Sunday.

A picture of my pancakes would have been really good here but I didn't take one and so that's life.
*Pictures taken from (in order), the Mail Online and

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