Saturday, 21 May 2011

Building a Life of Luxury. One Box at a Time.

This is a totally unplanned post but I feel as if it is my duty to enlighten you, as I have been. If you are an avid beauty blog reader then I give you permission to avert your eyes now as you've probably seen this three times over already. You've probably even got one! For those of you that have clearly been living in some kind of parallel universe, where you aren't privy to exciting little launches of superb ideas, that will make us all squeal with delight, like me, then read on.

I've had a lovefilm subscription, an organic veg box subscription and I've had many a magazine subscription but there is one club, until yesterday, that I hadn't pledged to and I literally have no clue how I missed such a defining moment. I work in the beauty industry for christs sake!

Yesterday beauty bloggers were all *a-twitter* about the Glossy Box. "Say what?!" That was my response but literally every one of them was documenting the arrival of this marvel. It wasn't until I sauntered over to amodelrecommends that I truly comprehended what the hype was all about. Cue stroppy Louisa. I believe my tweet read something along these lines...

"Still spitting feathers over fact I only heard about @glossyboxuk 2day. I want a @Narsissist illuminator. *Louisa stamps feet*"

The Glossy Box is such a simple idea and yet it's genius! Register here and for £10 a month you'll receive a beautiful package of miniature luxury products. The perfect solution to try before you buy.

May's Glossy Box *sob*

From a brands perspective contributing is a no brainer. You get your product infront of two types of people. Beauty mavens whom are very likely to purchase if they're pleased with your product. Or women who would love to own high end products but maybe can't quite justify the cost until they try your product, fall in love and decide to invest.  Either way, everyone's winning.

I signed up in a heartbeat but unfortunately May's box is completely sold out. Hence my previous twitter rant. That Nars illuminator would have been perfect for my trip next week. I just hope the June box has the wow factor that this months had.

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  1. I absolutely adore the Glossy Box. I hope next months boxes are just as good :)

    Cute blog, I'm following :)



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