Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Art of Summer

With T minus 7 days until I head to Marbella I am officially declaring To Elle and Back a holiday zone.

For weeks now I've stumbled across many a make-up delight that have taken full advantage of the upcoming summer season.  Each item has put it's own little spin on sun, sea and sand.  The unique touches to the packaging, product, name are bound to brighten up any girls make-up bag.  All virtually impossible to resist.

£18 at Simple Beauty

The DuWop Mermaid Antique Sea Shell eye compact promises to adorn you in a chic shimmer.  Personally it's the adorable shell themed packaging that's sold it for me.  Purchasing solely for packaging would be irresponsible though, right?  On the other hand it would look super cool whilst lounging by the pool.  "Mirror anyone?"...."Just let me grab my trusty shell!"

£29 at Estee Lauder
Who doesn't love a starfish sprawled across a sandy dune?  Again a cute slant on bronzer that made me rush to the nearest Estee Lauder counter.  This has been hailed by many a beauty blogger for being a superbly light bronzer, allowing for paler skins to gain a healthy glow without looking like they've been tangoed.  I had this applied in store with a view to purchase.  However, it wasn't for me.  I personally didn't like the shade on my skin as it seemed too peachy and I suppose I am still very much married to my Chanel bronzer.  I can't quite tell if I'm stuck in my ways or whether it is perhaps the most amazing bronzer in the World but most pale (no pun intended) into comparison and I'm afraid this includes the Bronze Goddess Sea Star.  If my purchase was based on the visual concept alone though, consider it a staple in my beauty bag!

£73 at Space NK
I started obsessing over owning my very own Sea Turtle embossed eyeshadows, cheek tint and liner after Mindy Kaling tweeted an image of this pallette from Chantecaille about a month ago. Then I popped into Space NK, saw the beauty in real life and fell in love all over again only to discover that YIKES it's a whopping £73.  It is created with the highest quality pearl and pigment particles and it is divine.  I guess I don't need to eat on holiday and if I didn't then I'd get drunk quicker and then I'd spend even less money, therefore meaning essentially I could justify this extravagance, right? RIGHT???

£29 at Selfridges
Finally the Nars Laguna Multiple doesn't quite have the artistic tendencies of the prior products but it's called Laguna.  To me this is reminiscent of sunkissed teenagers, hanging out at the beach and Lauren Conrad.  Anything that can potentially give me a Lauren Conrad lifestyle is a must have.

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