Tuesday, 31 August 2010

With this dress I am one step closer to being Heidi Klum...

O. M. G with a double E!

Chiffon dress by Boutique £120 Topshop 

Whilst cruising the racks of Topshop I came across this quirky item that has thrown my love for the recent tulle dream I blogged about here,  into oblivion.  There was one left, it was not my size but reduced to £65 from £120 and it was the softest lavender colour.  In short it gave me goosebumps.  I flung the hanger of this divine number over my neck and strutted across the shop floor as if I were Heidi Klum at the Emmy's on sunday. 

Speaking of the Emmy's....I'm a little behind, I know, my winners of the night were Lea Michele, Heidi Klum and January Jones (no I'm not on crack cocaine!)

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta
Heidi Klum in Marchesa

January Jones in Versace
I love an outfit thats not of the most obvious choice especially ones that involve as much rich texture as these do.  Although I'm not an all out eccentric, mismatched but somehow it works loon with my fashion statements, when given a choice I would most definitely be tempted with the Jones dress, especially in that fabulously bold colour (which for a girl that wears mostly black is saying something!)

Anyway I digress...

With great force my friend prized my new love from me and reminded me that a nice dress equals a nice mess if the sizing is out.

"But I could find a tighter small belt to synch it in!"  I exclaimed

She shook her head and placed it back on the rail, dragging me against my will out of the store and onto lunch.

Topshop, if you're listening, please find this dress for me in a size 10.

Me with said dress (forgive my pale complexion and lacklustre hair please!)

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  1. I just love Top Shop! Heidi Klum looked so fab at the Emmys!


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