Thursday, 26 August 2010

"Bloody ELLE! They've done it again!"

Whilst working at ELLE I was privvy to many a meeting defining our brand and how we were going to project that to the reader.  One of the points made by Editor Lorraine Candy that really stuck in my head was how they aim to show the cover star in a completely different light to that which we are used to seeing them.  Their September 2010 issue could not have further proved that point.  Whilst grabbing snacks at a newsagents for the cinema yesterday with a friend I pointed out the Emily Blunt cover, for her to look at me quite blankly for a considerable amount of time.  The realisation eventually dawned across her face and there was most definitely a shock factor to it.  This friend worked quite closely to Miss Blunt back in 2008 during Wolfman and therefore should have known her from a mile off.  Her exact words were "My god she looks so different!"

Well done ELLE you've done it again.  To find out how they shot Emily's cover look read The Cover Blog

Two of my all time favourite ELLE covers....

Chloe Sevigny March 2008

This cover was made to "create a stillness on the shelves" and was the first after rebranding in 2008.  It was oddly enough the first issue that inspired me to buy the mag and randomly enough I interviewd for a job with them just weeks later.

Mary-Kate Olsen September 2008 (Subscribers Edition)
Newsstand Cover

This is by far the MOST amazing ELLE cover, great styling, great editing and great cover girl!

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