Sunday, 29 August 2010

Style Me Sunday: Airport Attire

So we're nearing the end of the generic "holiday season", I realise but I'm mostly certain that a lot of you fashionistas will not have braved the flight experience during this particularly busy month.  I was inspired to write this post on Friday after spotting actress Gemma Arterton in Gatwick North Terminal.  If I'm honest I would adore to slate her ensemble choice and even exclaim her as chubby and ugly but that would be my overwhelming jealousy speaking.  The green eyed monster would be rearing it's ugly head due to us both being actresses of the same area with one of us ridiculously more famous than the other.

Much to my distress and surprise (last time I caught sight of her was in Bungalow 8, in which she was rocking out a rather ghastly dress with some cheap looking extensions) Arterton looked simple and sophisticated and don't even get me started on how fresh her skin looked!  Ulitmately she had achieved the perfect airport attire by being style savvy whilst factoring in comfort. 

How to steal her style...

Navy Boyfriend Blazer £55 Asos

The Row loose fitting luxe tee £165 Net-A-Porter 

Turn up tuxedo khaki pants £35 Gap

For that extra wow factor I'd team this ensemble with....
Bloch carnivale ballet pumps from £75 at Asos

Coral snood £14 Topshop

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