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Lush Products from Lush

Head to toe in glitter and smudged paint adorning both my clothes and face, I dragged my tired feet through London Victoria Station, excited at the thought of eventually being able to crash and burn on my sofa.  I tried to shake off the judgemental looks and convince myself that I didn't look as though I hadn't seen a shower for a week but I just couldn't obtain the energy to do so.  Four long days of being on my feet handing out premixed alcoholic drinks in Paddington Station and battling with fidgety children whilst attempting to create an artistic masterpiece on their face, had somewhat taken it's toll.  Then, as if a sign from God, as I breezed from platform 15, beauty chain Lush appeared before me.  It's pungent smell and cheery disposition was beckoning my name in a rather seductive tone and with a mind of their own my feet guided me to it's mothership.  My brain was running a mantra "You are just looking.  You are just looking.  You are just looking." But my face paint ridden fingernails, weary feet and lacklustre skin were singing a slightly different tune.

For those of you that are not familiar with Lush, it is important to note that it is of rather an acquired taste.  We have a marmite case on our hands, as you either love them or hate them due to their overwhelming aroma, which has been known to create headaches for some.  If I'm honest, I'm not a regular Lush consumer.  But who's a loyal consumer to anybody in these current times?  I did however discover why I enjoy indulging in their products from time to time and a lovely spin that I'm sure their marketing department have already addressed but figured I'd bring it to their attention anyway.  These products are perfect impulse purchases that serve an immediate purpose and most definitely get the job done.  With the majority of the brand offering indiviual bath bombs or face masks that last a mere few applications, longevity is not the key here. Instead of this being a downfall this works completely in their advantage, much like a unique selling point.  Much better than purchasing a glorious bubble bath that you grow tired of weeks and weeks down the line, Lush can address your current issue and mood, match a product and zap it away!  This is the exact process that I followed earlier in the week when purchasing ......
Catastrophe Cosmetic, French Kiss, Stepping Stone and Dorothy

Catastrophe Cosmetic: Face Mask

I've tried their Cupcake Face Mask (mmmm!) and their BB Seaweed Face Mask (yuck! Makes me feel like I've got Cornish rock pools on my face!)  So upon entering the store I made it very clear that I was looking for something new to take care of my recently troubled skin, most notably my oily T-Zone and a mask that wasn't going to mean I would have to hold my breath for 10 mins.  Catastrophe Cosmetic was the answer to my prayers, apparently, due to it being rich in antioxidants thanks to it being packed with blueberries and easy on the sinuses.

The texture was of a creamy nature, which I loved and the smell, although fragrant was subtle.  The pieces of, what I can only imagine were blueberries, that dotted their way across my face, made me feel even more excited about the product, as how could something not work with real blueberries squidged all over your skin!  I left the mask on far past the recommended application time but either which way I was thoroughly pleased with the results.  My problem area was immediately attended to, my skin tone was miraculously even and I managed to look younger, when considering I'm still only 25, is a feat!

This really was an impulse purchase as I had already picked out a product for my much needed bath.  This was chosen for little more than it's tender smell of sunscreen. Once I picked this up I couldn't put it back, constantly sniffing as I meandered about the rest of the store, to the point that I'm certain I left with a blue nose.

The Bubble Bar isn't your usual Lush Bath Bomb.  With this you break off some of the bar and place under the powerful tap which dissolves the product and creates a superb amount of bubbles.

Initially it did look like it wouldn't dissolve, as she had demonstrated in store, as there were lots of chunky pieces at the bottom of the bath and for a while I did frantically try to crush them but soon gave up and upon entering it they had disappeared. I resurfaced feeling incredibly clean and my skin was the kind of soft that is virtually impossible to achieve without moisturiser.  It is important to note you can get two uses out of this, I wouldn't recommend trying to stretch it out any further as that would just compromise the indulgence of your bath.

I fail to believe that anybody could resist this gorgeous looking Bubble Bar.  With the mixture of purple and white teamed with a sprig of lavender sprouting from the top it's difficult not to feel the need to purchase them just to decorate your bathroom!  This was chosen for a multitude of reasons, it's indulgent look, it's luxurious smell of lavender, again fragrant but not overwhelming and I had been having trouble sleeping so was certain this would do the trick.

It works in exactly the same way as the Dorothy  with the added excitement of turning your bath water a lavender colour also.  It left my skin smelling perfectly like the product and I became incredibly lethargic once removing myself from the bath which was exactly the sensation I was requiring.  The only downfall would be that it didn't leave my skin feeling silky smooth as per the Dorothy but I suppose that wasn't the necessity with the French Kiss so maybe I'll just let that go.

My feet were tired and achey so what better way to re-energise them than with this darling foot shaped scrub.  It had a punchy smell that you associate with most foot scrubs and the girl insisted that it was a wonderful product.  She explained to me how to use it, although if I'm honest by the time I actually got around to use it I could barely recall what she said.

After trying to remember how to use the product (do you wet your feet or the scrub?) the product application got off to a fairly messy start.  As soon as water made contact with it, there was an almighty fizz all across my bathroom.  Green splodges were dropping on white bath mats, towels, in the sink and eventually after a quick dash, into the bath.  My feet did feel softer but I wanted them to feel re-invigorated and that wasn't really the case.  I only used half, as per the instruction from the girl (I remembered that bit) so I'm leaving the jury out on this product until I get to try it again

You can purchase Lush products in the UK from here
Or from the USA here

My basket total came to £14.35, which considering the amount I took home with me, is more than reasonable.

Lush products I'm coveting since my trip...


  1. I LOVE LUSH!!! Been a fan for years! I love the bath bombs, my favorite being Sex Bomb! If you haven't tried that, do! Oh, and love your blog! Just found it and I'm a new follower... and moving to London in about 25 days!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my blog! I have just gone and clicked follow on yours too. 25 days until you move to London-how exciting!!!

    I hope you enjoy it here!


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