Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tempting Textures at Zara

There is nothing more exciting to me than out-of-this-world-crazy textures in clothing.  What better way to style an outfit than with a simple basic t-shirt material teamed with an indulgent, luxurious, rich material.  I am drawn to wool, pleather, pvc, feathers, tulle...the list is never ending.

On my recent trip to preview the A/W'11 Brora collection, I detoured into Zara for some harmless flirtation with some of their up and coming season items.  The pieces I was drawn to had the ability to make anybody feel like they were playing dress-up.  They were extraordinarily out of the ordinary and whimsically stylish and I loved them all.

Here's some key Zara pieces I'm coveting, hopefully coming to an outfit blog post near you soon!

This feather gilet £79.99, comes in some rather dramatic colours, this shade may be more versatile but the show stopping blue and purple versions were what really did it for me!

This Chanel-esque tweed skirt, £39.99, is perfect for the office.  

BAM!  Just look at the richness of this feather skirt, £79.99, both in texture and colour.  This literally has me salivating.

Everytime I pass this sequin clutch, £29.99 my hands wander.  The quality of sequins is super important to me.  I can't stand those flimsy, cheap looking things.  I'm happy to announce this is made of, what I consider, "good sequins".

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  1. That feather gilet is so beautiful! Love these pieces :)

  2. the feather skirt is fun! i don't know where i'd wear it though..the gilet i could def wear to a holiday party!

  3. God...

    If I bought the feather gilet, I'd never work or be useful to society again - whole months would pass by with me stroking and cuddling it like some sort of ostrich-cum-poodle pet.

    Sarah x


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