Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Brora Preview of Autumn/Winter '11

Cashmere screams luxury.  It's in the name after all, "Cash"mere.  You must have lots of cash to buy it BUT it promises to be a timeless piece that lives on in your stylish life for, potentially, ever.  I've always wanted to own cashmere, it sounds indulgent and expensive and that's my kind of noise but I've only ever really skimmed my fingers along the cashmere of the high street and it's always left me a little underwhelmed.  Now I know why.

About two weeks ago I attended an exclusive preview of Brora's Autumn/Winter '11 line and now I can finally understand how cashmere should be.  Prior to attendance I have to admit I had some, quite strong, misconceptions about the brand.  Firstly, I thought they were just available by catalogue.  In fact they have 14 stores and usually in very affluent and exclusive areas.  The preview for example was at their Sloane Square abode and they have recently opened one in Covent Garden, in which I was urged to visit by every Brora employee there, apparently the manager is fantastic.  Secondly, I had this picture of very quintessential English, twee-like fashion, which after my little jaunt I discovered it's actually much more about personal style, which again is music to my ears.

The event gave those that attended the opportunity to talk one to one with owner and creator Victoria Stapleton, as well as watching a presentation by her.  Both discussions were really informative and such an inspiration.  Victoria was not how I imagined her to be at all, another misconception.  She was rocking out one of the Liberty print long jersey skirts they have created, teamed with converse like plimsolls, which I believe are also theirs.  It was relaxed, stylish and totally Victoria.  Her personal style.  This, was in fact, one of the first lines of conversation I had with her on my arrival.  The brand is for every woman (and man) from 0-100 (and maybe beyond if you're lucky enough) but the pieces you hand pick and how you style them is down to you.  Victoria's mother, for example, apparently owns the very same skirt but would never team it with the shoes as Victoria had done, instead she would opt for a much more classic look.  Personal style is such an important notion to me as I truly believe that the way you wear something makes a statement about you and I love choosing items from all over the place to create one ensemble.  Looking around at the collection there were numerous items I could pin point as "lust haves" for myself and my mind was alive with different colour, pattern and brand combinations I could make with them.

This belt and bag were items, prior to the event, that I would never have imagined Brora showcasing.

Victoria and her design team pressed on three further matters that are really key to Brora and facts that made me re-look at the brand and realise that I can definitely imagine myself shopping from them in future.  

The pieces are updated vintage finds that Victoria and her team source from markets and vintage stores.  Sometimes they return with a plethora of clothes due to them becoming rather carried away with the interesting styles, colours and textures on their shopping expeditions.  This dress below, for example was inspired by a Parisian dress and is one of the more exclusive pieces from the collection with only 200 being made.  The limited availability of this dress again highlights their dedication to personal style, as Victoria explained, she can't stand the thought of millions of women traipsing around in the same outfit.  The material was gorgeous, the pattern chic.  Definitely the "WOW" piece of this season from Brora.

The cashmere is made in a Scottish mill also used by the likes of Chanel and Burberry, as well as other high profile designers.  Yes Brora is not quite high street prices but when taking into consideration the house deposit you could put down on a cashmere piece by one of the designers just mentioned, it's definitely affordable! I'm all about good quality for affordable prices and this is yet another range that promises it's customer the best without bankrupting.

Each season the Brora team arduously decide the colour combinations that will appear in their line.  The team give an idea as to the colours they are looking for and then several palettes of just one colour are returned for them to carefully select their favourites.  There were some great brights across the range, most notably mustard which I haven't worn in years but my desire was re-ignited for it at the event

Attention to detail was very prominent.

But this was my personal fave.

I can just imagine teaming this with all black, most likely leggings, with this being my statement!

To see what I wore to the event, check out Country meets City.

*First and last image from Brora


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  2. Love your coverage of the event & great photo of the macaroons!


  3. I have to admit I nabbed the macaroon photo from Brora's blog, but did credit them at the bottom. They were some yummy macaroons as well!

  4. This place looks so nice, a great place to be! xx

  5. that mustard cardigan is such a statement piece adn yummy macarons!
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