Monday, 17 October 2011

Movie Monday: Because I said so...

Diane Keaton, mother of three beautiful daughters spends all her waking and many sleeping hours trying to control her daughters lives.  Who they date and marry, what jobs they have, how she thinks they should live their lives.  Her biggest worry is her youngest, played by Mandy Moore, who is constantly falling for the wrong guy and seems to have no desire to rush into marriage.  Why does Diane think she is the founder of all knowledge?  Because she says so!

Firstly lets address the fact that any film containing Diane Keaton and Lauren Graham is going to be a thumbs up in my book.  Diane, even though quite type cast, these days anyway, is simply a screen goddess.  When I'm a more mature woman, read 60+, I want to be rocking out the grey streak at the front of my hair, as seen in the Family Stone and the huge skirts she's sporting in this movie.  We'll call it modern chic.

That being said, I recall the reviews of this film, upon it's release into the cinema, not being particularly flattering.  No wonder.  Despite my not so secret love for Diane and Lauren, the film failed to be a hit with me, even just to pass the time.  If I'm honest it was annoying.  Odd word to describe a movie right?  Well imagine an entire scene being devoted to a ringing phone.  An unanswered phone in my world is like nails down a blackboard.  It got to the point that my entire family wanted to jump through the screen and answer it for them.  Diane was also do I put it...aggravating.  Although, she was meant to be frustrating, so I suppose she did her job BUT she was so frustrating to the point, that again my entire family wanted to break through the screen to throttle her.

Where Because I said so did get it right was with the overall concept of the film.  I dare any of you not to watch it and agree that Diane is a more famous apparition of your own mother.  Her similarities to my busy body mother were uncanny.  Today in fact she, my mum not Diane Keaton, told me, AGAIN, that internet dating was no longer frowned upon and it might be nice for me to find and I quote "a friend".  If you watch this movie you'll understand why this is so poignant.  My father's opinion and believe me he's been forced to watch a fair few chick flicks in his time he's practically a connoisseur, "You've put this on to annoy me haven't you?  It's like watching our lives."

Tune In...
For cutie Gabriel Macht

Cute right?!

Tune Out...
If you live in a house full of women and you are a man

Perfect For...
Watching on your own.  Don't ever watch this with your mother.  If she hasn't already come up with a similarly heinous plan to get you a man like Diane yet, she will do after this.

Here's the trailer...

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