Monday, 10 October 2011

Movie Monday: Bubbles

I can't quite recall how I first came across Bubbles but I know that it was on twitter.  I saw the trailer and was simply captivated.  It incorporated all the things I adore; melancholy music, a picturesque setting and emotional angst seeping from every shot.

A week ago I was lucky enough to see the short in it's entirety at a special screening session that Writer and Director, Leyla Pope, organised at the Soho Screening Rooms.  It was everything the trailer promised to be and such a feat considering she only had 15-20 minutes to tell the story.  My favourite contribution to the piece is the choice of music and where it is placed within.  Music is so evocative and teamed with the talented actors involved and the storyline, it really managed to capture some beautiful moments.  

Small, independent British films don't really get much credit or make it to the big time-it's a tough industry out there-but I can assure you that every single member of the audience a week ago was yearning for Bubbles to be a full length film, as the credits rolled.  So I beg of you, watch this trailer and try and tell me you haven't fallen in love with Bubbles too.  Then head on over to their twitter and facebook pages to show your support.

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