Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Home Alone 6: Macaulay Culkin's ipod

NEW YORK BUCKET LIST ALERT: Party with Mac at Macaulay Culkin's ipod - CHECK
Yo Mac, now I want a picture of us all slapping our faces a la Home Alone...DEAL?!

Only in New York City could a former child star, armed with his ipod, host a random themed evening in a small bar.  So I shouldn't really have been shocked when I discovered that my favourite eight year old, Kevin McAllister, appears once a month, on a thursday, at le poisson rouge on Bleecker street.  His ipod filled with his favourite tunes and a crazy idea, like June's, "Dinosaur Birthday Party" theme, for example.  I have no idea what odd antics took place at that party, perhaps Barney turned up to try and re-ignite his career, after all where is that purple dinosaur these days?  Perhaps in a bar in Chinatown hosting a karaoke session, his rendition of that "I love you, you love me" song he rocked every episode, on repeat.  I digress...

Despite my shock and dismay that Macaulay, sorry Mac as he is now formerly known on the NYC bar scene, is having to host these evenings sans the Wet Bandits and his plan to save Duncan's Toy Chest, I was not letting another month go by without my attending.  So when I discovered that July was his "New Year's Eve Party", I knew I needed to be present.

Upon arriving we were handed NYE paraphernalia, aka a party hat and one of those trumpets.  For FREE.  Did I also mention that entry is FREE?!  I would have paid but ssshhhh don't tell Mac.  We were promised a countdown at every hour and we arrived right before the first one at 11pm.  We'd already been hounded with whatsapp messages from a friend exclaiming "I can see Macaulay Culkin"... "I'm stood in front of Macaulay Culkin" get the idea.  Molo and I had party prepped ourselves with a slightly different playlist than usual.  Gone were Drake, Rhianna and Jay Z, instead the Home Alone soundtrack played loud and clear for all to hear in our apartment.  And there, when we arrived, was Mac, sat on his throne adorned in his party hat.

"Well I guess it must be about to hit midnight in Nova Scotia...10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."

Auld Lang Syne began to play and Mac launched himself at us for a big festive New Years hug.  He waded into the crowd to pass on his best New Year wishes to all.

Right before midnight he returned again for another countdown, again launching himself into the crowd to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  No one is more aware of how weird this evening was than me.  Trust me.  It was amazingly hilarious though and considering none of my group were drinking alcohol, we had probably one of our greatest nights in NYC yet.  We didn't stay after the second countdown, it was a school night after all but the hour and ten minutes were just enough to have a great time and truly soak in the atmosphere that we were partying with the kid that saved his house and a New York toy store from the same pair of dimwitted thiefs.

Clearly tweeting what fun I'm having.  OBVS!

This months edition of Macaulay Culkin's ipod takes place this Thursday 9th August from 10pm with the theme, "Sluts".

After my foray into Mac's crazy world it begs the question, "Do you give up, or are you thirsty for more?" (shameless Home Alone quote thrown in)

Mac...I am definitely thirsty for more...

And if you still haven't quite understood how you need to book your trip to NYC around this event then check their latest podcast, where Mac will tell you himself...

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