Thursday, 24 November 2011

Way Back When...A Trip Down Memory Lane

I can hardly believe that I wrote this post, "Way Back When..." a year ago.  It documented a Thanksgiving I shared with friends in Massachusetts when I lived there for a short time, back in 2005.  I have many fond memories of that day and am always recollecting them to anyone who will listen.  My mum, in her very sweet nature, has decided to create a Thanksgiving dinner for us all as compensation that, yet again, another year has passed.  We are trying to re-create the Barefoot Contessa's (one of our favourite American TV chefs) Truffle Butter Turkey, which shall feature in this Sunday's The Stove on Sunday post.

If you have the time please check out Way Back When.  Although a post from last year, many of you will not have been readers then as I haven't really wholeheartedly committed to the blog until mid this year and it really embodies what To ELLE and Back is about.  An inspirational lifestyle that I am always striving for, filled with good food, good friends, good memories and some pretty fun and indulgent products to help bring a smile to our faces on some not so smiley days.

On a final note, I may not be American but I have so much to be thankful for, friends and family but I would also like to express my thanks at anybody that takes the time to read, comment and support To ELLE and Back.  I'm leaving you with one of my favourite songs that reminds me of my Thanksgiving back in 2005.

Have a blessed day xxx

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