Friday, 11 November 2011

House of Rush

Loud music, a room crammed full of people, struggling to see the live act and desperately seeking out a drink I began to wish I'd arrived a little earlier than 8pm to the House of Rush launch party.  The event was well attended, so much so that for a while I was unable to take in the marvellous interior's that I'd seen on the press release.  Ducking and diving through guests, my curiosity eventually lead me to a more peaceful location.  Twinkling ceiling lights, as if stars and several beauty therapists highlighted to me that this was the place I really wanted to be.  Not dancing amongst the gold trimmed mirrors but wading in on what this Piccadilly based beauty destination will be offering, as of this morning.

Many of you will be familiar with hair salon chain, Rush, this is another salon from them but with a far grander air to it. Pitched as "a post-modern haven fused with renaissance glamour and futuristic creativity" offering customers "sensational treatments with L'Oreal, Elemis, Rodial, Bliss, Shu Uemura and Mizani"  the location definitely didn't disappoint.  When enough people filtered out I eventually got to take in my surroundings.  With a striking contrast between the industrial, warehouse like ceiling and the glamorous crystal chandeliers in the main hair salon, it's quite clear that no expense has been spared.

Numerous treatments were taking place across the event, manicures, facials, some bizarre quilted bed treatment that I never did get the low down on and my activity of choice, skin analysis.  I've been dying to discover how detrimental the sun has been to my skin, just how many wrinkles I really have and whether the latest moisturiser I've been using really is failing as I so believe.

After disclosing my age and having one side of my face photographed, an Elemis representative talked me through all the different dots, lines and marks that were being highlighted on her screen.  First up was sun damage.  I'm always a little bit horrified when they show this on reality makeover shows but I wasn't too concerned with mine and apparently rightly so.  The sun damage wasn't bad at all for my age, which makes me feel considerably better about a rather burnt nose and forehead in Marbella earlier this year.   The rep then focuses on a particular area of the face, which is the nose, all the way across the cheek and up under the eye.  Several dots appeared on the screen highlighted in green.  These can either be freckles, some kind of difference in skin pigmentation or a blemish.  I didn't find this particularly informative as there is no way of deciphering which is which and I didn't seem to have too many.  Next up, how moisturised is your face really?  I was a little bit shocked and disappointed with this as am so hot on moisturising for fear of ageing but I have been concerned that my current moisturiser of choice is too light for my skin.  The problem area really seemed to be around the nose but either way it was a wake up call to ensure I'm drinking more fluids, not of the caffeinated nature, as advised by my skin analyser and invest in a new cream!

Then comes the wrinkles of which I had seven.  I heard her inform the girl prior that four is good.  She didn't say that to me so I assume I'm average.  I also had a rather bizarre wrinkle that resides right over on one side of my cheek.

Bacteria was a healthy 27, anything over 100 is bad and such a low number for London is incredibly good.  I decided not to tell her I'd only come in from Kent just half an hour before and hadn't really braved the elements of London pollution as of yet.  However, it does prove how good living in the country is for your skin.  Take that city folk.

Finally blocked pores, the most disgraceful of all for me, was a whopping 149.  Mostly across the nose and some making their way across my cheekbone, most likely attributed to my blusher.  I jumped to my defense of course and highlighted perhaps it's because I was wearing make-up, to which I discovered the computer had already taken that into account.  So much for my at-home dermabrasion I did on monday.  Suffice to say my face suffered a rather violent exfoliation upon my return home.

Based on the analysis I was advised that products that may be good for my skin are the Gentle Rose Exfoliator and Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask.  The analysis turned out to be quite informative for me as I never would have imagined having such a blocked pore problem and therefore would never have been inspired to rectify it immediately.  I'm already climbing the walls though, in anticipation to see how many blocked pores are left, if any, after my battle with them last night.

I believe the skin analysis is part of Elemis' consultation process and House of Rush opened it's doors for business as of today.  If you love indulgence then this is the place for you and is perfect for de-stressing after work if you're London based.

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