Monday, 30 July 2012

Christian Marclay's, The Clock: Not to be missed...

I've had an obsession with going to see an art installation in the middle of the night ever since I saw the Russian take Carrie Bradshaw to one at 3am, after dinner at the Russian Tea Rooms.  So last night after dessert at 1am at Max Brenner's Chocolate Restaurant, my sister and I headed to the the David Rubenstein Atrium at the Lincoln Center to stand in line for Christian Marclay's, The Clock.

What Sex and the City didn't tell us is that no way is there ever going to be the chance of just walking in a la Carrie.  Instead we stood for two and a half hours, from 2am to almost 4.30am.  The line itself highlights how worthy this installation is and my desire to see this for the past two weeks was literally the only thing keeping me awake.

The Clock, is actually a working time piece.  Relax on a sofa after your excruciatingly long wait and take in cinema history with each clip depicting the time it is at that very minute, whether it be through a clock, watch or character vocalising the time.  It ranges from the serious to the hilarious and is quite frankly phenomenal.  Each minute shows numerous moments from film and television summised in a video collage that is not only genius but so time consuming that I can't even begin to imagine how Marclay began to compile this.

No midnight dashes left, I'm afraid, as The Clock is closed today and finishes tomorrow, running from 8am-10pm only.  Be prepared for around a two hour wait but stay as long as you want.

NY Bucket List: Visit an art installation in the middle of the night - CHECK

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