Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bridesmaids: A Year On...

I don't often do personal posts on the blog but I couldn't help but.  

Tonight I went to see Bridesmaids in Hoboken, NJ, as part of their "Movies Under the Stars" Series.  I saw this movie for the first time a year ago, almost literally to the day, which got me thinking a lot about the past year, life, where I am now and where I'm headed.

A year ago I had just finished working QVC's Beauty Bash on a Friday, for one of the skincare product lines I had been working in the head office for.  It was a bittersweet job, working in an industry I truly felt I had a passion for but the job situation was less than desirable.  My confidence had been knocked, I spent every day feeling as if I had just survived a skate off on "Celebrity's Dancing on Ice" and everybody around me was moving towards their goals, desires and dreams at such a rapid pace.  I felt like things were at a stand still for me, I was left behind.  I saw the film with one of my many friends that are on the express train to marital bliss and there I was, still living with my parents, no partner, no savings, career progression impossible in my current role and generally just feeling sorry for myself.

Seeing Bridesmaids really touched a nerve at the time.  My situtation was totally relateable to Annie's.  Whilst everyone was laughing, I secretly cried a little.  I thought it was really sad.  The position she was in made me feel more sorry for myself.  Then I cried at the end when everyone told her it was her own fault.  To forget blaming the World and get up and change it.  That too made me sad because I realised that I was just letting things happen to me, feeling distressed about it but then not doing anything to change it.

Tonight sat under the stars, looking across at the Manhattan skyline, Empire State Building staring back at me and Bridesmaids projected on a big screen on the Hudson, it felt incredibly poignant.  This time last year seems like such a long time ago.  A lifetime ago even.  So much has happened and even more has changed for me.  The obvious being that I am living and working in New York City.  An incredible opportunity that until now I haven't truly appreciated or grabbed with both hands.  I'm nowhere near where I had hoped to be at 27 and I don't know when I'll ever get there but I do know that every struggle I faced last year has been totally worth it to end up sitting in the warm breeze, surrounded by laughter and a beautiful view.

Where will I be this time next year?  I have no clue but I hope I'm as grateful as I am today.

Hoboken's Movies Under the Stars Series will run throughout July and August, full screening details available here


  1. Very inspiring and a great story to tell x Nicola

  2. You are one of the most fantastic, amazing, independent women I have ever had the luck of knowing. You are one of the only people I know that has ever had the bottle to go after her dreams and overcome all of the adversity to achieve what she has always wanted to achieve. You are an inspiration to young girls that dreams do come true for those that want it and try hard enough!! You should never ever feel down ever again because you have the whole world at your feet and are now in the most amazing city in the world and you should be so so proud of yourself!! I will never stop believing that you will get to where you want to be.

    And...marital bliss...yeah alright ;)


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