Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blink and Go Mascara

My eyelashes are my most valued feature and the one I receive the most comments and compliments on.  Therefore, it's no wonder that over time I have become somewhat of a mascara maven.

Diorshow has been a staple in my makeup bag for many years now.  On occassions I will opt for a cheaper alternative but as soon as I return to my trusty fave I truly appreciate how horrifically horrid that whole mascara incident was.  Despite my deep rooted love affair with this beauty product it's not actually frequented my dressing table for some time and just before Christmas another obstacle prevented me from re-purchasing.

Blink and Go mascara appeared in my Glossybox and from first impressions I wasn't impressed. The packaging didn't fall under luxury or quirky, it actually screamed "teen makeup brand" in my eyes. However, the product has continued to surprise me.

There are three super important requirements for my must-have mascara...
  • Must volumise
  • Must lengthen
  • Must stay put
I'm sure you're all the same.

There are definite pros and cons to this particular brand but overall it's a quality mascara that does all of the above and should definitely be given a shot at a starring role in your makeup bag.

What I love about Blink and Go...
  • It seriously thickens those lashes, giving them a stand out quality
  • The length they give my already extraordinarily long eyelashes is phenomenal so for those of you that aren't too enamoured with the length of yours, this is sure to do the trick
  • This stuff ain't budging!
  • The packaging is sturdy and thick, I have no idea (without delving into my suitcase on this Amtrak train) if it contains more product or not but my guess is yes as it's still going strong 4 months down the line
  • My biggest and perhaps only complaint about this mascara, is that just like the packaging the formula is sturdy.  When removing of an evening it's stripped off as a solid product rather than liquid which does make me flinch now and again that I may be taking some of my prized possessions with it.

    Blink and Go is available from www.nouveaubeautygroup.com
    *Image taken from www.nouveaubeautygroup.com

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