Tuesday, 2 July 2013

NYC: Star Spangled Banners | Independence Day Events

If you're a New Yorker then this week means there's some public holiday lovin' right around abouts Wednesday afternoon, through 9am Friday.  It is of course the USA's famous holiday of independence on Thursday!

Last year we laid low and chilled in Hoboken, NJ where we lived, dipping in and out of bars such as Scotland Yard, a British themed establishment but we made sure we did it US stylee with numerous games of beer pong.  We completed our day's independence from work with the Macy's 4th July fireworks, which are synonymous with the holiday in NYC.  The perfect view could be had from Pier A Park in Hoboken, albeit no musical display could be heard, with the big lights and obtrusive but beautiful structures of Manhattan outlining our backdrop to the sparkling bursts of themed lights above.  It was also decidedly more successful than when I saw these same fireworks back in July 2004, in which both myself and my friend ended up with ash in our eye.  Yay - result 2012!

I wish I'd done more but there's nothing I can change about that now, so instead I've compiled a list of what I consider to be some of the most rockin' events for this Thursday's Independence day in NYC!  So, whether you're a native New Yorker or a tourist for the day, see my selection by borough.

It wouldn't be Independence Day if there wasn't a bunch of fast-foodies in one of New York's famous beach resorts chortling down as many hot dogs as they can mustar-d! Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island is a holiday ritual that's been shocking and amazing onlookers since 1972. 68 dogs were scoffed by last years winner Joey Chestnut, so if you've qualified for the contest then you've got your work cut out for you...

...And if you're planning on hitting up Coney Island but still want to see some fireworks then get yourself down to Coney Island's MCU park.  There'll be a "beers of New York" beer gardem, entertainment, activities and more, with 4th of July fireworks to complete!

Quirky movie theater, Nitehawk, is famed for it's comfortable viewing style, offbeat film choices and it's fun spin on it's food and drink accompaniments. I'm still distraught that I didn't make their Halloween session, thanks Sandy, but they've got an American classic this week with a matinee showing of much loved Jaws (1975) on July 4th. Settle down for this USA oldie but goodie with their Shark Bite cocktail and an Amity hot dog (with homemade beer mustard - wowee!)


If you're too lazy to leave Manhattan then the Iron Horse, in the Financial District, is holding their annual block party.  Grab a picnic table, play some games and stuff your face with some all-American goodness, hot dogs, burgers and pig-roast are all free but you're encouraged to leave a donation to support the Wounded Warrior Project.


Not made it to Brooklyn's finest pizza palace, Roberta's?  Take your chance now as they're hosting a USA themed event in honor of 4th July at the Knockdown Center, Queens.  They'll be joined by fellow American taste-makers and NYC based bands to celebrate everything America! 

Staten Island
Historic Richmond Town could not be further removed from the contemporary skyscrapers of Manhattan.  Join them for a colonial-esque afternoon, with quirky activities such as pie-baking contests, to churning old fashioned ice cream.

The Bronx
Yo people of the Bronx!  Where it at?  If you know some awesome happenings in the area please comment below...I came up with zilch!

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