Saturday, 7 January 2012

I was here. I lived, I loved.

This floated around on twitter a lot on New Years Day and I think it's just perfect.  We spend such a great deal of time in January setting ourselves unreachable goals, that by February 1st are either long forgotten, or guiltily dwelled upon.   This says it all.  Whilst I would never advocate, in such hard times, quitting your job merely because you don't like it, I still appreciate the essence of the statement.  THINK BIG.

I was here has been on repeat on my ipod this week as well and definitely goes hand in hand with the powerful words above.

Although a week after the New Year has begun I hope these inspire you for 2012 as much as they have me.

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  1. I think this is a great piece. So many people live in fear of quitting jobs they hate, ending relationships with partners they no longer love, and living out dreams they've always imagined. The cliche 'you only live once'is sometimes not taken as seriously as it should be!
    Everyone should be brave and believe in the best for 2012!
    Love your blog!


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