Thursday, 1 December 2011

The 12 Days of Gifting: Day 1 The Fashion Foie Gras Tote for Coach

I thought this was such a clever little series title and then lo and behold, I open the Metro this morning to discover my home away from home, Starbucks, have entitled their little gifting promotion this too.  If interested then stop by a Starbucks, buy a festive drink and get a little free gift.  Today was their mince pie.  Anyway, I digress....

  This is going to be a series of twelve short posts featuring items that I either desperately would like but am slightly too financially challenged for, items that will most definitely be featuring on my Christmas list this year (keep an eye out mum) and some cool, fun bits and pieces that would be awesome ideas for others!

The first in the series is this beauty...

Now let's get this straight...I.  Don't.  Get.  Coach.  Americans get them.  All those C's, they love them.  I realise they're not just all about the C's but that's really been the road block between myself and Coach ever having a fashion love affair.  So when I read that Fashion Foie Gras was collaborating with them to create a bag, I really wasn't interested, no matter how much I love her blog.

Then I saw the finished product.  I fell in love.  Never did I expect to fall in love with a Coach bag.  Never.  Firstly I'm enamoured with it's overall attractiveness and secondly I'm convinced that Emily literally jumped into my mind, or my very oversized Marc Jacobs bag, to figure out just where it was all going wrong for me.  It's created with the busy blogger in mind but as she so puts it, really it's for any busy woman out there. "Hello" *Louisa waves her arms frantically*.  So if you're sick of delving for your blackberry and returning with your ballet pump then I would seriously consider making a loved one invest in this stylish bundle of convenience for you.

All the hidden features are a must to check out, so here's the link to Emily's blog post to take a better look.  Unfortunately at $558 (yes I can't find the UK price for something again), this will be staying very firmly on the wish list.

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  1. I was laughing at your post, at the: I.Dont.Get.Coach! hahaha, I think you are right, only (north) Americans do and I am one but living in Europe so I also proudly say I DONT GET COACH! But I have to admit they have some great models lately and we can't be so harsh on the brand. This special collaborating is beyond beautiful and perfect for every blogger to keep its camera handy! Following you as I appreciate your comments and blog!

  2. Haha, yes when I lived in the States all my American friends loved them and I just really didn't get why. I see you're from Montreal, half my family are Canadian and my Aunty Judi lived in Montreal until recently, when she moved to New Jersey! Thanks for the follow and look forward to continue reading your blog xx


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