Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The "To Elle and Back Advent Calendar": Otherwise known as, my first giveaway!

Whoever still doubts Social Media, take note, although anybody that does, is most likely not reading my blog.

Yesterday I purchased two items from Selfridges that were recommended by the lovely, British Beauty Blogger.  One was a Christmas present, that shall remain a mystery until further notice, as the person in question is one of a few family and friends that will most likely read this and the second is the most magical treat I could ever ask for...

The L'Oreal advent calendar has been blogged about repetitively, due to it's unique concept, exclusivity and hefty price tag (£60), considering we're talking about a Christmas countdown.  I first read about this on the blog mentioned above and then numerous entries appeared all over the net, which meant I just had to have it.  I know it's extravagant and I know I don't need it.  So of course, I bought two!

Only joking, ones for my mum, I treated her too.  Synchronise "Ahhhh!" 

The calendar includes 24 days of beauty goodies ranging from creams to perfumes, from Kiehls to Stella McCartney.  Quite frankly, I can't possibly wait until the 1st of December, it needs to hurry up!

Since bragging about my calendar on twitter last night, the lovely Pink Julep expressed her sensible restraint from purchasing it, despite her overwhelming desire to do so.  I decided this could be the perfect opportunity to run a giveaway on the blog.  I've been itching to do one for a while (although I do only have 12 followers)!  Before anybody gets ahead of themselves, I am not parting with my beast of a calendar, nor am I purchasing another one for a reader.  I do however plan to implement the, To Elle And Back Advent Calendar.  This will run for 24 days, as of the 1st of December and will include beauty products, most of the luxe nature (yes I am talking CHANEL) and the odd extra fun Christmas inspired gift, if something of the non beauty nature catches my eye.  I'm not entirely sure of all the logistics yet but I am willing to ship anywhere in the World.

This brings me to my next point quite naturally.  I am literally moving on from one festivity to the next.  My last blog post (here) featured Halloween and now I feel it is of the utmost importance that I declare To Elle And Back a Christmas zone.  Not only will my advent calendar giveaway begin in a few weeks but I will be blogging about festive events, cosy treats, must have party pieces, tasteful (and tacky) Christmas lights in my local area and I might even dabble in a bit of wintry themed nail art.  You heard it here first peeps!  I am also, very much in the market for Christmas lipbalms.  I have still never quite gotten over the snow globe lipbalm I bought from the ONLY Bath and Body Works in the UK, about 10 years ago (which proceeded to close down very quickly) and so would be grateful for any input as to any you may be aware of. Oh and FYI can I just express how excited I am over the Metro believing we shall be the recipients of snow as of Sunday.  If my house doesn't look like this....

I shall be inconsolable.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Looking forward to the Elle Advent calendar situation and seeing all the Christmas cheer on your blog!!!

  2. Looks like I didn't invent the Advent giveaway then ^^ Okay, all joke aside, this is a nice idea, I hope it brings you lots of smiles... and followers! :)


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