Thursday, 1 July 2010

As Seen On Screen

Tuesday night in the US marked the last EVER episode of MTV's  The Hills.  According to reports it was filled with nostalgic cliches  about "moving on" and ended with a cheeky wink at the audience when the final shot revealed backdrops pulling away and a full on tv set.  So it was scripted after all?  All of it?  Some of it?  I guess we'll never really know.  It didn't stop there though.  The drama continued off screen at the wrap party when an uninvited Spencer Pratt rocked up to the Roosevelt Hotel disguised as an old man in order to gate crash.  He failed.

Continuing with the theme, I too have had some of my own The Hills excitement this week.  Mine and my best friend Leanne's Bodyform Sponsorship Idents began to air on the show in the UK.  Back in December 2009, a week before Christmas I was preparing for my departure from Elle when the perfect casting appeared.  The client required a few pairs of friends that were comfortable in front of the camera to talk about thier friendship as well as having a strong understanding of The Hills and its cast.  I phoned Leanne immediately and fairly frantically and next thing I knew we were at the casting the following day.  From the get go we knew we were going to get it.  Not arrogance, just adrenaline and pure want I think.  We were right.  Just three days later I took some last minute holiday from Elle and we were arriving at a home in Stockwell, in which we indulged in a particularly yummy lunch and pretty much got paid to hang out and chat. 

Several girls Idents have been running for some six months now and I have begun to become concerned of late that ours were never going to make it on air.  Lo and behold though, Sunday lunchtime I received a call from Lea informing me that ours were finally on.  Since discovering this though we have also learnt that not only are we running continuously on MTV but we have also been used the most, currently with a running total of 10 Idents altogether. 

The only distressing fact being, that for some time now, since seeing this picture of myself, I like to think of myself as a Lauren Conrad type.

I instead look like this.

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